Saturday, 25 June 2011

Everytime we touch, I get the feeling.

hey lovelies,
Just a quick blogpost!
The weather has been horrific lately! I wasn't able to wear my shorts today as its just too bloody freezing! Anyways, thank you to all of our loyal readers and followers (you know who you are xD), me and cara really appreciate all of the praise we're getting for buddingbeauties and we just would like to let you know how much we love you all. I've also been scrolling round all of the other adorable beauty blogs today, and I've got to admit that you guys have got so much to say, its almost unbelievable! But other than that my saturday has been horrible so far, I'm not very well and because we're getting the loft done, my room is totally crammed up with crap. :(
After reading that last blog entry that Cara did, I hate her for making me crave hot chocolate SO BADLY. Also Cara thinks that she didn't do well in that textiles exam but I am sure that you all agree that she really did do great. I also agree with her that is full of neat stuff, so take a look!

Thats me and my sister pictured above, miss that weather!

Title lyrics - Cascada everytime we touch.

Best wishes,

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  1. Aww, I hope your saturday got better! Saturday's are meant to be the best days! ;D. I find it unbelievable how much beauty blogs have to say too! I'm pretty sure I could only write about 3 sentences on my favourite mascara! They amaze me! Hope you both are having a good weekend:)


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