Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Some new bits, bobs and shobs.

Hey guys!
Sincere apologies for not blogging in foreverrrrr, one of the reasons for not blogging is because me and Holly have just started year 10, which means GCSES's, yaaaay. and the amount of homework and coursework were doing at the moment is insane, I can't say this school years gunna be fun! If your still in school then comment your options, would be great to know what you guys have picked for your options!

I havn't been clothes shopping in a while, and I gotta admitt this is more of a beauty blog. I have got a few bits i'd like to share with you guys though. Before I give you my beauty reviews though, I HAVE to show you the dollybowbow necklaces me and Holly brought recently.

Friendship necklaces - £12 for both from Dollybowbow. (amazing online shop!)

I've bragged about these necklaces and the website their from in a few blogposts, and I absolutely love mine! Unfortunately the first set of necklaces got lost in the post which was annoying, but the lovely owner was kind enough to send another pair to us. thanks! We also recieved them in an adorable package, and each necklace came in a little pink bag, too sweet! If you havn't already heard of dollybowbow, I strongly suggest you check it out - the jewelery they sell is gorgeous and the prices are quite reasonable, goooo!

Face mask - £5.50 from Lush cosmetics.

Lush is one of my favourite skin care shops ever, and if you read our blog regularly you'll know i'm a huge body shop fan already. But whilst I was out with some friends I couldn't resist taking a quick look in the shop. The people there are so friendly and helpful too, and I eventually ended up with this face mask! I've used this mask now around 5 times, and I think its made quite a nice improvement to my skin. Its also given it quite a nice glow too, although i'd say it only had one disadvantage. The product contains garlic and tea tree oil, and the smell is quite vile. I'd definately buy it again, but you do have to keep it on for five to ten minutes, and its not exactly the nicest smell. If you have a local Lush by you, have a sniff and you be the decider!

Barry M nail polish in mint green - £3 from superdrug and all good drug stores.

I also brought my very first barry m nail polish the other day, so obviously i'm quite chuffed! I got it in mint green, a colour i've been wanting for ages, and my collection will definately be growing quickly!

Bracelet - £5 from New Look.
This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and I reckon I got it at a pretty good price, can always count on new look for affordable, cute jewelery!

Me beautiful brouges! £15 from New Look.

Again, sorry for not blogging for ages and for shoving alot of random bits into the blog entry, please please please continue visiting buddingbeauties! Would also like to say a HUGE GOOD LUCK to holly, she leaves for blackpool on friday and the beauty pageant shes entered begins saturday; she also gets to go to the amazing pleasure beach theme park, so jel! If your not a regular reader, holly, my best friend who I own this blog with, has made it to the finals of miss teen great britain, you can visit her at now!

update photo, my nose looks hugeeeee but I liked my hair so yeah.
Much love!
the blonde one.

*All my opinions are written from experience, so do not be startled if you have a different reaction to the products then i've had, were all different!