Sunday, 6 November 2011

We found love in a hopeless place.

Hi beauties!

Hope you've all had a good week, and also hope you all enjoyed Hollys recent blog about her beauty pageant, I can't explain my jealousy of sitting at home in my jammies whilst she was out in blackpool getting glitzy for the show! But I know she did me and many of our dedicated readers proud.

Sincere apologies for not blogging in forever! Its been a mixture of coursework (bleurgh!) and I hadn't brought anything to show off! I've finally got a few bits though and got round to blogging, so here we are... I managed to bag myself two free lipstain pens from maybelline, you get a free one when you spend £10 or more on maybelline products. I absolutely love them! I've been meaning to try some lipstain pens, in particular revlons just bitten, but I needed a new foundation and I trust maybelline so I thought, what the heck.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain in Wink Of Pink and Tender Rose.

I brought these lipstains yesterday and tried them the instant I got home, I love them! Being the picky girl I am, i'm not keen on sticky lipgloss, I hate lipsticks as they dry out my lips too much, and quite frankly I was getting bored of wearing just lipbalm. The tender pink one is as its described in the name; its sweet and not too bright for the day, whereas the other one is slighty darker, more for going out on the razzle, hehe! My only concern with these lipstains is that they may dry out too quickly, but only time will give me a conclusion!

Maybelline New York Pure Mineral Foundation in Ivory.

Like many other girls, i'm still on the search for the perfect foundation, but this one comes pretty close in my opinion! I always come to dilemas with foundations I buy - they're either too thick, dry up on my face or just rub off. I liked the look of this foundation because it contains minerals and claims to be good for your face; I also found the liquid was not too thin but not too thick, I like my foundation to look natural and I absolutely deteste thick cakey foundations. I only brought this yesterday and I had a party in the evening, so I decided to put it to the test. It was lovely! It felt great on my skin and pretty much stayed in place for the night, so i'd say it was money well spent.

Excuse my big lips! Here i'm wearing the lipstain in tender rose; its not a huge burst of colour, but I like that its subtle and something I could wear to school.                                     

Sorry for the lack of blogging yet again, I will try to be more daily though! It still fazes me how some bloggers can blog a different outfit every day - how much money do you own?! Also, me and Holly have made a buddingbeauties offical twitter which you can follow us at @buddingbeauties yippie!

lots and lots of love!
the blonde one.

All my opinions are written from experience, so do not be startled if you have a different reaction to the products then i've had, were all different!