Friday, 8 July 2011

And the games you play, you always, always, win.

Hey there stranger!
Feels like its been ageeeeeeees. Me and Holly have been so busy lately with god knows what, and quite frankly i've felt like i've lost my blogging mojo lately! Perhaps its the fact that I havn't really brought much lately - its amazing how some beauty blog writters always have something to blog about, you guys must be rich!

Before I go any further, i'd like to congratulate Holly on making it to the finalists of Miss Teen Great Britain! The lucky devils gunna travel to Blackpool in September to participate in the finals, you can check out the website and see Holly for yourselves at Shes also managed to star in her local newspaper, and will soon be interviewed on the local radio and meet the mayor! So pleeeeeease support Holly as she goes through her little trek to becoming a model, we appreciate it!

Moving on, heres an outfit I kinda put together and I quite like it? Tell me what you think!

Ignore my hideous eye bags! I've seriously lacked in sleep lately.
Top - £10.99 from new look. (its now £6.00, can't believe I just missed out on a bargain!)
Bracelets - From Wallis, I got these a while back.
Shorts - Hollister!

So, yeah. I don't usually shop in Wallis but I saw these gorgeous bracelets in the shop and had to get them. (I'm a sucker for pearls!) unfortunately, I don't think they sell these bracelets anymore, and they came with two pearls and the rose bracelet but I lost one of the pearls. Clever.
John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum Finishing Spray Glossing Mist - £5.59 from Boots.

I was out with Holly a little while ago, and as i'm a huge fan of John Frieda already, I decided to buy this and try it out. I'm glad to say that i'm still sticking to my heating ban! so for the past couple of days i've just been using this, several sprays lightly covering my hair. I would agree that it does add a little bit of shine to my hair, and it kept it quite nice and un-frizzy. I wouldn't say it was one of their best products, but i'd probably buy this again as gives my natural hair a nice finish.

Sorry if the blog entry isn't fantastic today, but had to do an entry to let you guys know were still here! Keep commenting and following the blog, we always appreciate it! To end my entry, I want to show you a picture I captured of my kitten, Nala. Too cute!

title lyrics - adele set fire to the rain.

Take care guys, much love,
The blonde one.


  1. you look beautiful, and good luck to holly! those bracelets are seriously cute. completely agree, looking at blogs make me buy like a million clothes!

  2. Congratulations & good luck! Cute kitty. x hivenn

  3. I don't know how some bloggers have to much to blog about either! I wish I had the money for so many different outfit posts too!
    Well done Holly and good luck in the competition, I'm sure you will do great, your beautiful! :D.
    I love your outfit Cara, simple yet cute, always a good look!;). I nearly bought shorts similar to those in Hollister, I'm gutted I didn't now, they look great on you!

  4. OUUU lovely cat!!! but...:O lol


  5. Hey thanks for the comment, lovely bracelets :)


  6. Congratulations on making the final - that's ace! Love your outfit, and your cat is sooo cute! Thanks for your lovely comment - you HAVE to go and see Bridesmaid's it's so funny! xx

  7. thankyou for the lovely comments!

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    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade


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