Thursday, 21 July 2011

I got my own life and I bought everything thats in it...

Hey bloggers,
Sorry I haven't blogged in what seems like months now! I'm not sure why I haven't been blogging but its probably got something to do with how busy I've been lately!

Firstly, I would like to talk you guys through my outfit to prompty (if confused read cara's last post). 
My dress: £30 from Lipsy (SALE)
My necklace: Borrowed from Cara, from New Look.
I have been looking on loads of online stores lately and I've found so many cute things! Have a browse...

Shorts - £12.99 from New Look.

Shorts - £32.00 from Top Shop.
I love a good old pair of denim shorts, and I dwell on the idea of high waisted shorts, their so much more stylish and creative. Me and Cara have been looking round for these sort of high waisted shorts for ages and when we found the New Look pair, I think we both practically squealed inside! As much as I love them Top Shop ones, their waaaaay out of our price range. I'm imagining that this'll go well with a huge variety of different vest tops this summer! Speaking of summer, i'm literally praying these last few days that the summer holidays are actually going to be SUNNY, acknowledging the recent rainy days londons been having.

...Earrings, stay prim and pretty!

These are also from new look for £4.99 and if I were to get them I would be spoilt for choice on which ones to wear! One for each outfit! :) 

Also the big sales are on at the high street stores at the moment, guys! Sunglasses for £1 at newlook, which is fantastic as I completely prefer them to the £1 ones at primark. And you should also check out the topshop website cause the summer sale is now on!

title lyrics - pussy cat dolls I don't need a man.

Best wishes,

PS: keep commenting and following guys, its always appreciated! Also, me and Cara will be sure to do an outfit post soon so keep watching, we've just been kinda broke lately. ;) gosh, clothes can be expensive!


  1. thank you both for the lovely comment on my blog - you're both gorgeous, and i love the dresses you're wearing <3 also those shorts are gorge - you can literally never have enough pairs of high waisted denims ;)

  2. Nice clothes! I like ur style :)

    Tatjanas blog/Finland

  3. Well we don't actually take our final exam until the end of year eleven, but at the moment I'm completing all the coursework and I'm lovinggg it ;) How did your exam and coursework go? xx

  4. You both look gorgeous!:). Hope you had an amazing time! Both pairs of shorts are gorgeous but the Topshop ones are definitely too expensive! I recently bought a pair of high waisted shorts from New Look & I love them! Hope you've both had a lovely weekend!

  5. You all look so pretty!


  6. lovely post! super cute :) would love it if you checked out my blog-

    Meena xxxxx


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