Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Its too cold outside, for angels to fly.

Helloooo, fellow readers!
For those of you who are reading and attend school, your sure to be excited that the summer holidays are about to start, yaaaaaaaay! unfortunately for me, when the summer holidays are over i'm gunna be faced with completing GCSE's, so better make the most of this summer.

Me and Holly had our prompty on Monday, which was very exciting! Its something we do at our school, combining the words 'prom' and 'party' to form 'prompty', which acts as a pre-prom kinda thing. Its obviously not going to be a patch of the prom we'll have in Year 11, but still it was amazing!

My dress: £55.00 from Lipsy.
My shoes: £24.99 from New Look.

You can briefly see the bag I had in the first picture, which was £12.99 from New Look.

I'm also wearing a little necklace from Tiffanys, although I don't know the price as it was a gift last Christmas. I'm sure Holly will explain the details of her outfit in her next blog post! Anywho, the overall night was lots of fun, I was surprised at how much I danced, although I regretted it the next morning when I woke up with sore feet!

Heres a few bits and bobs I absolutely adore right now..

Dress - £48.00 from Topshop.
Bracelet - £6.99 from Newlook.
Earrings - £5.00 from Miss Selfridges.
Playsuits - £22.99 and £17.99 from New Look.

As you may have caught on by now, I LOOOOVEEEEE floral stuff! I just thought these few little bits were utterly gorgeous and cute, clothes can be so expensive these days though!

To finish off, i'd just like to bring up the bracelets that I wore and showed to you all in my previous blogpost, they were pearls and roses and I mentioned that i'd brought them from Wallis a while ago and was unsure on the price, but heyho, I managed to discover that New Look are also selling them!

These gorgeous bracelets are priced at £5.99, when I purchased these from Wallis they didn't come with the other bracelets, although I can assure these and the ones I own are identical!

title lyrics - ed sheeran the a team.

Take care, and keep following buddingbeauties!
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  1. Oh you were lookin totally cute :) I love your colorfull outfit :)

    See you and thanks for share ;)

  2. You look stunning! I love your dress! I like the idea of Prompty, I wish our college had it :)
    Great blog! -now following :)


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