Monday, 6 June 2011

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song...

heey beautiful!
On the weekend me and Cara went out and bought ourselves some goodies. :) Sorry for the bad quality photo, was taken on my mobile!

-Floral Headwrap - from New Look. RRP: £2.99
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray - from Superdrug. RRP: £6.99
Bracelets - from New look RRP: £3.99
Flower Hair Accessory - from New Look RRP: £1.99

How's everyone's half term been? It was my birthday on the Wednesday and a small meal at tinseltown american diner was just right for me! It was great fun but the bill came up to about £106.00. So I would recommend it as a one visit diner as the food was way overpriced and they automatically added a £10.00 service charge to the bill even though the service wasn't all that great either! But it was worth it in the end for me as I got to spend a couple of hours bonding time with some of my closest friends.
Also, on the Friday, me and Cara got to watch the Hangover: part II in Barnet Odeon cinema, it got us falling off our seats laughing!

title lyrics - corinne bailey rae put your records on.

Best wishes,

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