Thursday, 16 June 2011

If i could turn back the hands of time, I swear I never would have crossed that line.

Hello lovelys!
How have you all been lately?! I'm still appalled with this crap weather over here in London, its actually the middle of June now and it was POURING down today, arggghhh! For the next few days i'll be revising for my textiles GCSE exam which is on the 22nd June, (2 hour exam, somebody help me?!) and i'm basically in panic mode. That pretty much sums up how my weeks been lately, completely and utter CRAP.

Moving on from the crap, I wanted to share with you my essential hair must haves, and two bits I picked up from shopping earlier. If you do have any questions or opinions to share, please do so!

These products are currently what I use in my hair from time to time again, some are new and some I have used for a while, so i'll give my individual opinions on each product.

 Batiste Dry shampoo fresh - £2.35 from Boots.

This product can also be purchased from Superdrug, but their relatively the same prices so I just listed the Boots price. I absolutely LOVE batistes dry shampoo! My friend Sam introduced this to me a while ago, and since then i've never looked back.

Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in a large variety, from a large range of different fragrances to shampoos that suit the colour of somebodys hair. I've only ever tried batistes 'fresh' and 'original' I can't give an opinion on the other ones, but i'm sure their just as good.

Batistes promised to 'Revitalise greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes, instantly leaving hair feeling clean, full of body and smelling fabulous', and I 100% back up this statement. When i'm probably in need of a shower in the morning but i've woken up late or i'm simply not bothered, i'll spray some of this into my roots, massage it in and my hair quite instanty feels light and fluffy, just as it should after washing it properly.

 John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder lightening spray - £6.99 from Boots.
 I only recently saw this advertised on tv and was quickly interested, as I have what you would call 'dishwater blonde' hair, and this product promises to lighten your hair naturally, with control. So whilst out one day with Holly, I thought i'd grab myself a bottle to check it out. I always read reviews online before I buy a product, but the reviews seemed pretty good so I went ahead and brought it.

One of the reviews mentioned that they had to use the product six times before noticing much, and I found that after around four or five uses my hair had gone quite lighter. I wasn't bothered at all that it may take a while to show a difference though, because it proves that the spray is controlled. I was also pleased that friends and family members had noticed my hair had become lighter and had given me several positive comments, unaware I had brought this product.

I would strongly recommend this product, although I wouldn't recommend it for Brunettes wanting to dye their hair blonde, its only for blonde haired people wanting to lighten it. I can't speak on behalf of experience as i'm a natural blonde, although reading reviews, many brunette haired people mentioned that their hair was ruined through using this product.

Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff by TIGI - (I can't remember the price) available in hairdressers and salons.
I love this product! I use it every now and again after straightening my hair, as it promises to 'Help restore moisture in colour treated, processed hair, controls frizz and helps protect against UV damage'. I've noticed my hairs become quite softer after using this product several times, and I can't remember the price as I brought it ages ago, its lasted me ages!

This product is only available in hairdressers and salons, I brought this from my local hairdressers as my hairdresser uses this in my hair after washing and cutting it. Although I don't remember the exact price, I remember it being quite pricey, but i'd argue that its worth it. The texture itself is like a rose pink thick cream, although you only need a small amount and it smooths into your hair nicely; using too much might make your hair look quite greasy.

GHD Professional Iron Styling Spray (Not sure on the price, it was a gift!) - Available in hairdressers and salons.
This must be my favourite product. Its similar to my TIGI smoothing stuff, although sometimes I just prefer to use this. I trust GHD products 100%, and I also own GHD straighteners which are my babys. I'm unaware of the price as it was a gift, but its amazing! It kind of works as a hairspray, as it holds my heat styled hair, whether its straightened or curled, incredibly well.

I don't have really any negative views on this product, sometimes it can make my hair feel a little stiff, but I would expect that from a normal hairspray anyways. This spray also holds my hair really well through the horrible trek I have from my house to school, and the wind can be an absolute bitch at times to me!

Shorts - £32 from Hollister.

I love these shorts, their now my favourite piece of clothing for the summer. They go with basically everything, and their gorgeous aswell. Some of you may argue that £32 is pricey for a pair of shorts, but if you have little chicken legs like me, i'd strongly recommend them. Oh, by the way, please ignore my horribly pale legs in the picture above!

Thats all i've got for you chums today, so thankyou for reading!

Title lyrics - jessie j nobodys perfect.

Much love,
The blonde one.

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