Friday, 17 June 2011

Trust me, it would scare you if you knew what was going on in my brain...

Me and Caras new little kitty, Nala, shes gorgeous!

hollaa beautiful,
I thought that I should just make a blog entry to thank you all for all your lovely comments! We really do appreciate them all, your all so nice!
But if you don't have a blogger account and are not able to comment then feel free to email us at, we look forward to hearing from you! Also I've noticed that my blog entries are waay shorter than Cara's but when I next go shopping, I will buy a big bag of beauty essentials to review. We also love requests of what to review because sometimes we're seriously stuck!

title lyrics - natasha bedingfield I wanna have your babies.

Lots of love,
PS: I will review next time, get commenting! x



  1. It's all about quality, not quantity, your posts are still great! ;D.
    Love the picture, what a gorgeous kitty, I'm so jealous!
    Oh and Cara, good luck on your textiles exam! Year 9? Woah, that's crazy, I'm a year 11 :). Let me know how you think it went, good luck sweetie!

  2. aw, thankyouu for the sweet comment! we will be sure to visit your blog and follow!
    best wishes,
    holly xx


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