Sunday, 5 June 2011

And you stood there in front of me, just close enough to touch...

 Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser - £7.99 from Boots.

Hey gorgeous!
Hope you've all been well, I thought i'd do a quick blog entry on a moisturiser I recently brought with Cara..

As part of my daily routine, I tend to use 'simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser' because I like to watch what I use on my skin, and the simple brand really is plain and simple! Its also quite a good moisturiser and sells at a good price, which is currently selling for just £3.25 at Boots. Despite this, it never quite made my skin fully hydrated as I have naturally very dry skin, so when I spotted neutrogena in the shops, I decided to buy and try it. It claims to hydrate skin that has dried out due to weather conditions, and I also thought this would be ideal as my skin can get dry just from walking to school, from nippy winds and the coldness. I've been using this moisturiser for about two weeks now and I gotta say, its really good! Its more summer than winter at the moment, but I still think its very hydrating and also has an SPF of 15.

The product can be brought at all good drug stores, and I decided to buy the one for 'dry and sensitive skin' but it also comes in 'normal/combination' and 'all skin types'.

*All my opinions are written from experience, so do not be startled if you have a different reaction to the products then i've had, were all different! Hope i've helped guys, and thanks if you actually read all of that!

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