Saturday, 11 June 2011

summer loving.. not.

well hey there beaut!
Sorry for not blogging for a while, lifes been pretty boring and me and Holly have had no money to buy some bits to review, which sucks! To make matters worse, anyone who lives in London will understand that with the consistent coldness and rain, its certainly not feeling like the middle of June. Luckily, I should be heading out to the shopping centre tommorow with my friend Sam where theres a huge primark, so hopefully will have a few things to show off!

Anywho, Holly recently told me about a site called where people can upload pictures of themselves wearing clothes or something they've done with their hair or make-up, and people can make comments and rate it. So we have both signed up, we encourge you to do so to! Here is our current pages... feel free to click on the links under the pictures to comment or rate us, we'd very much appreciate it!

I don't have much else to blog about, although I just felt a need to blog to make it clear were still hereee!
And one last thing.. you may have noticed that the pictures we have took and posted are not smashing quality, but hey, were only fourteen and unforetunately do not own the best super duper professional camera! were planning on saving up for one though, and even if it takes us till Christmas, we'll get one!

Hope your all well, and pleeeeease comment if you come across our blog, much appreciated! Have you guys brought anything new lately? Share it with us!

Much love,
The blonde one.


  1. its so cute that you guys do a joint blog! its a really nice idea,
    youre doing a great job guys :)



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