Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Beauty Buy Review

Hi lovelies!
Seems like the last time I posted was a long while ago now and I'm sincerely sorry to all our new and loyal readers.
The other week I took a visit to the ELF cosmetics website after Cara recommended it to me. I don't usually wear make up but I was mesmerized by how cheap it was, so I just had to buy something. I'd wanted to get my hands on some bronzer for a long time as I don't like to use foundation. So I bought 'warm tan' bronzer, as from the pictures on the website the others either looked too light, dark or pink. I also bought a cheap powder brush. The delivery was fast, which was what I was expecting because of the high delivery price of £2.95.

When the bronzer arrived, I was quick in front of the mirror to try it on. Although it looks fine in the compact, once I put it on it was glittery and way darker than it looks online and before I applied it. It also made my skin itchy and I had to apply my trusty Neutrogena moisturiser to stop me scratching. Maybe its because I bought the bronzer online and couldn't determine the colour or maybe its just because it was a cheap buy. But whatever the reason, from what I experienced I will not be buying this bronzer again.

On a lighter note, my birthday is in a month! I was thinking of going to London dungeons but you have to have an adult with you. So, have you guys got any ideas of what I should do for my 15th in London?
Best wishes,


  1. Aw this doesn't sound too good, but at least you tried and it wasn't too expensive.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I am now following xx

  2. I awarded you the Sunshine Award, check out my blog post for the details! xx


  3. Yikes that doesn't sound too good! I'll have to steer clear of this one. Yay how exciting about your 15th, I hope you have an amazing day xx


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