Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Small Benefit Haul

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Hi beauties!
I was given a travel set a little while ago of several miniture benefit products which includes High Beam, Posie Tint, 'That Gal' Primer and Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker. I was thrilled to have gotten a travel pack instead of one individual benefit product as I had a small selection of products to try and if I wasn't keen on a certain product then it wouldn't exactly be a waste of a large bottled product. I said product one too many times in that sentence, sorry! So here goes!

I've wanted to purchase Posie Tint for quite some time now, but been sincerely put off concidering its price. So you can imagine my delight when I recieved it in the set for my birthday, and must of applyed it to my face several times for the sheer sake of it! If you don't already know, posie tint is a lip and cheek tint, and it looks absolutely beautiful applyed to both the facial feautures. The pinky toned colour looked lovely against my pale skin and really gave it a natural flush of colour, and gave my lips a nice, smooth pinky finish. It is quite pale though, so I don't know how it'd show up on darker skinned people so you'll have to try it for yourself!

High Beam has been another product i've been desperate to get my hands on, i'm so facinated by the idea of using a highlighter. I was glad I recieved High Beam in the pack as it is directed at people with pale, or pinky toned skin, as opposed to Moon Beam which is directed at people with an olive toned complexion. I applyed it to my browbone, just above my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose, and it brighened my faced nicely! I could notice the small difference when my skin was exposed to light, and it blended in well too.

Although this is irrelevant to the actual quality of the product itself, I loved the packaging and the colour of the primer! The packaging of the product is bright and looks fun and appealing, and the colour is a sort of musky looking pink that blends in nicely to my skin. Its quite creamy so it kept my skin smooth throughout the day, and my makeup stayed in place pretty well.

I really wasn't keen on this foundation in my opinion. It was creamy, but the sort of creamy that you get in cream eye shadows and hairs easily get stuck in, which may sound like an odd example but thats just what I thought of! Concidering I have dry skin it really didn't look like it was going to help with that matter, but obviously I don't know how perhaps oily skinned people would like it. My overall thought is just that I really don't like it. Shame the packagings so cute, though!

Despite my opinion on the last product, I don't care about the price of Benefit products, their just too lovely and cute to ignore! Lots of love,
The blonde one.

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  1. Lucky you, I only have one Benefit blusher and because of the price, I end up never using it and saving it for 'special' occasions! Haha. All of these bits look gorgeous, shame about the foundation! Xx


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