Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Recent Photos

Newspaper print nails, The most amazing Raspberry Lemonade ever, Churros from Chimichanga for my birthday, Strawberry carmex (awrharhehefjtjr!), Me looking pretty cheesy, Strawberry nails, Tinseltown meal, Trying out new hairstyles and a lush hot chocolate!

Hiya beauties!

Planning on doing occaisonal posts like these now to keep you briefly updated on my life, seeing as I've neglected the blog so much and so you know that me and Holly are alive! I won't drone on about how I've been so bad not blogging in forever but it was pretty much down to sheer laziness, sorry guys! Got some ideal blogposts lined up though which i've already got on to, and just in general going to try to improve the whole blog. So do keep visiting, following of twitter, commenting, be social! hehe. It was actually my birthday quite recently but I didn't make a deal of it, although now I've got plenty of bits to review and post about for the blog luckily! Heres to a better blog.

Lots of love,
The blonde one.

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  1. love the strawberry + the paper nails a lotttttt! tried strawberry-nails last year and it looks fab on ur feet in summer :-) x


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