Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sock Curls

Hi Beauties!

I love to style my hair into loose boho kinda curls, thats just the way I prefere it as opposed to my boring straight hair. I'd been styling it like this most mornings using GHD straighteners, and only recently have I kind of realised how much damage I've been doing to my hair. So i've decided to go on a heat ban! I've successfully stuck to my ban for about a month now, with the exception of sometimes using the heat on my side fringe, but I've still been styling my hair the way I want it. How? Socks! Sounds a little wierd at first, although its so easy and I do it every night now. I got the idea from this video here, although heres how I specifically like to do mine: 
I only use three socks as its easy, quick and I like loose curls in contrast to tight, little ones. Before I begin, I wet my hair about 20% and spray lightly with Lee Stafford sea salt spray. I push the top part of my hair back as if I were to pull it into a ponytail, twist a sock around it and tie it together tightly at each end. I then seperate the hair left at the bottom into two parts, making sure both of them are roughly equal to the one I've already tied up. I repeat the steps of tying the sock in the hair, and then go to bed to leave it in overnight! The curls so come out a bit tight at first, as they do in the video, although if you brush it out and leave it to droop a bit, it gives it a nice finish. Sorry if my explanation was crap, but do check out the video, its literally been a lifesaver for me and so easy to follow! 

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray 150ml £7.49 from Boots

Speaking of hair, my blonde hairs turning really brassy lately, and i'm a little dubious of dying it all a lighter blonde. I get highlights done at the hairdressers every now and again but it can be expensive to get done often, can anyone reccomend me some cheapish highlighting kits to buy for doing at home?

The blonde one.


  1. Great post, I love your hair! :)

    Rose x

  2. Great! I am looking for sea salt spray too, just not sure which ones work better xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. your curls are so wonderful!x

  4. hi,
    nice blog. let me know if you'd like to get associated with a new start up related to fashion and styling. you can check the details at:facebook.com/StyleStanza and contact me at: shiriishbohare@gmail.com

  5. Your hair looks great! I will have to try out the socks trick.



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