Sunday, 8 January 2012

Clinique Goodies

I think an obvious start to this blogpost would be to wish you all a very happy New Year.. it's 2012! I can't quite believe how fast 2011 has gone, it seems like just yesterday that Ronnie snatched Kats baby in Eastenders, (slowly revealing my obbsession for soaps. And yes, that event did occur on the previous New Year, wow!)
Also, I'm still in fits of laughter at how many comments we got on the last blogpost Holly did which mentioned discovering your name in Japanese; so many of you tried it! Just shows what little things on the web can get us momentarily facinated.

I managed to bag a two little clinique goodies to review for you all! Its not much but their both pricey products so I was fortunate to get them for free.

I have naturally very short and thin lashes and I havn't used an eyelash curler.
 Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black (£15 for 8g on Clinique)

I'd been in need of a new mascara for quite a while as i'd been using an old Maybelline one that had started to lose its knack. The Clinique mascara promises to 'add maximum volume with definition and length' and I felt this was one of the few products that actually does what it says on the label! Aswell as giving my lashes a defined, very black colour, it lengthened them well and left very few clumps. The only default was the fact that it wasn't very waterproof, and although i'm not a huge fan of waterproof mascaras as it can be a nightmare to get off, the other day I got a teeny bit of rain splashed on my face and I ended up looking like a panda! I own a small 4g one in comparison to the 8g one you can buy online, and whilst I don't think i'd purchase twice I still think it works pretty good for it's money.


High Impact Lip Colour in Sassy Spice (£16 for 3.8g on Clinique)

This lipstick felt quite festive to me! As you can kind of see from the pictures, the colour is a sort of reddy brown with a tinged sparkle to it; the colour felt abit too grown up for me, as i'd usually opt for subtle corals or pinks. Again, I probably wouldn't be prepared to pay £16 pound for a lipstick, but the quality was pretty good! It felt super hydrating as I suffer from really dry lips and some lipsticks just dry up and end up looking dodgy, and it rarely bled as I didn't use a lipliner.

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All the best,
the blonde one.

*All my opinions are written from experience, so do not be startled if you have a different reaction to the products then i've had, were all different!


  1. That mascara looks amazing, really makes your eyes stand out! That lipstick looks gorgeous too, would love to see it on you! Xx

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