Monday, 16 January 2012

Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone.

Hello beauties!

Firstly, some of you may know about the One Direction concert that me and Cara went to on the 11th.
It. Was. Amazing.
 Unfortunately, me being me, I forgot my video camera which made me really annoyed! But my friend, Isabel who was also there took quite a few good pictures! So here they are:

The concert was just amazing, our seats (though expected to be rubbish) actually turned out to be quite good! And I have to say that after the concert my obsession for Harry Styles is still forever growing. Its rather scary.
We were also fortunate enough for our 'I love Harry Styles/Liam Payne' tee's to arrive just in time which was astonishing judging on how bad my luck has been lately. *sigh*

In other news, for all those who know about the Miss Teen GB pageant I competed in; the lovely organisers are about to celebrate the grand opening of their dress shop in Cheshire! You can visit the website here, where you can order cheap designer dresses.

Can I also say a thank you to the lovely Danielle who always takes a minute out of her time to carefully read each of our blog posts and comment. :)

Best wishes everyone!

Title lyrics - gabrielle aplin home


  1. ONE DIRECTION. Oh you lucky girls! I love Niall and Liam and Louis, and Harry...who am i kidding i love them ALL.

  2. Love 1D! Louis is so gorge. xx

  3. I am very jealous girls! ;-). God knows the things I'd do to them if I saw them live, I'd turn into a mass stalker/rapist. Haha. I work with a guy who looks exactly like Niall! The boys like fiiiiiiiiiiine in the suits in the last picture, phwoar! Awh, thanks for the link! xx

  4. OMG! YE ARE SOSOSOSOSOS LUCKY :O I AM IN LOVE WITH ONE DIRECTION! I am going to there tour in dublin next march WHOOP :D anyway , I love yer blog hehe , please follow mine back ? :D


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