Monday, 22 August 2011

Held up so high, on such a breakable thread.

Hey bloggers,
Firstly I'd like to start my post with what I always start my posts with; an apology for not blogging for a while:-
sorry. :')

This week in London has had its ups and downs when it comes to weather; raining one day and sunny the next! Well, thank god it didn't rain yesterday as my sister, Emily held me a mini photoshoot in the garden and house for her photography project! The photos turned out great and I wish Emily all the luck in the world for her project.

This one is my favourite:-

Floral blouse: £10 from new look. (clearance)
High waisted shorts: £20 from new look.
Daisy headband: turkey!

Then Emily edited them, they turned out so cool!

This one is meant to portray confidence.

Also I hope everyone got the A level results they wanted! And even if not, there's always a plan b!

Best wishes,

title lyrics - avril lavigne my happy ending.


  1. Lovely outfit! Especially the floral headband, I hope to make a beautiful garland for the spring :) You two girls have a wonderful blog here!

    xx Carina
    P.S Thank you for your kind comment Holly! I wish to see Wicked again, I loved it that much!

  2. aww really? it looks so funny in english, hahahaha. thank you so much! <3

  3. You look beautiful and I love your outfit, good luck to your sister in her project, I'm sure she will do great!

  4. Sweet post - that floral headband looks just adorable! My friend bought me one back similar from her recent trip to Turkey :)

  5. great photo's! so pretty!



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